Side Series for The Happiest Place on Earth

Are we excited for our upcoming Side Series? Why yes we are!

What is our Side Series? (Well let me tell you…)

Side Series consists of three nights of fiery conversation with experts ranging from a Moth GrandSLAM champion to an LGBTQ Activist/Oral Historian. These post-show conversations are an opportunity for audience members to share their thoughts and feelings about the performance they have just experienced in a safe, active, and scintillating environment. Get ready to engage with your fellow audience members, peppered by the experiences and insight of our amazing experts!

Who are our experts? (More below. We’ll see you there!) 

September 30th: Lily Be from Stoop-Style Stories:


Lily Be is Chicago’s very own Chingona (bad ass).  An accidental artist living her life of purpose. Lily exists to bring people together to own and share their stories as host and producer of The Stoop at Rosa’s Lounge every last Thursday of the month. She has won some well known storytelling competitions and had been featured on podcasts and radio all over. Lily is also a Teacher at Second City where she teaches a discovering your story class. She is also an artist in residence at Free Street Theater where she is working on her one woman show that will be out in January.

In short, Lily Be is magic. Check her out @Queenlilybe on everything.

October 7th: Jonathan Mayo from Cleaning Closets:



Jonathan Mayo received a Bachelors in Theatre and French from Morehead State University and quickly moved up to Chicago after having done an exchange program at Northeastern Illinois University.  He has worked in an array of positions both onstage and backstage in some of the most renowned theatres including the Goodman Theatre, the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and the Chicago Children’s Theatre among many others.  Jonathan also has an extensive history with volunteering for organizations such as the Center On Halsted, the McGaw Y, and The Night Ministry where he serves as the LGBTQ Co-Chair on their Associate Board.  Jonathan combined his passions of producing the arts, community service, and LGBTQ advocacy by creating Cleaning Closets, an oral history project that collects and shares true coming out stories from both sides of the door.  Performances for this project have been seen at University of Illinois Chicago, Northwestern University, and Morehead State University to name a few.  Jonathan believes that the arts can not only entertain but also educate and heal.  

Find out more at  

October 21st: Jeremy Owens from You’re Being Ridiculous:


Jeremy Owens is the creator, producer, and host of You’re Being Ridiculous the long running live-lit show most recently featured as a part of Steppenwolf’s LookOut series in the new 1700 Theatre. His writing has appeared in The Daily Dot, Story Club Magazine, Oy!Chicago, Gapers Block, JUF News, and Thread Literary Magazine. He regularly performs his writing all over the city with such shows as Story Sessions, Story Club, Write Club, That’s All She Wrote, Essay Fiesta, and The Paper Machete.

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